How to install SSL on WordPress website?

install ssl

Install SSL on WordPress Website

How to make your wordpress website http:// to https://

https:// makes your website secure with encryption between sever and browser which makes it hard for hackers to hack your website. https:// makes data transfer secure.

You will need to buy SSL and install it on your server to make website secure.

There are many hosts which provides free SSL certificates. You can check with your host if they can install free SSL for you.

Really Simple SSL plugin

Once you have installed SSL you can install Really Simple SSL plugin to do this. Plugin will detect certificate. Go to Settings, SSL and update the details to redirect pages from http:// to https://

Update .htaccess manually

If you do not want to use plugin to do the redirect part, you can update below code in your .htaccess file:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Force http:// content to https:// (fix mixed content error)

You can add below line to .htaccess to fix mixed content errors

Header always set Content-Security-Policy “upgrade-insecure-requests;”

Once all updates are done you can submit your website with https:// url to google search console.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions here.